Facebook account creator – Create Facebook Accounts in bulk using Software

Facebook is the most popular social networking in the world. Owning a lot of Facebook accounts can help you conduct many projects to improve business as your want. However, it is very hard for you to create a large number of Facebook accounts manually. Therefore, you need an effective Facebook account creator bot to help you do this job economically.

What is Facebook? 

Facebook is a social networking which is developed by Meta company. It allows users to connect with other people in an effective way regardless of distance in geography or difference in time zone.

Why do you need Facebook Account Creator?

Create Facebook accounts in bulk  is not a easy job. Currently, Meta is tightening censorship to prevent users from creating virtual accounts. So how can you create high quality Facebook accounts at low cost and save time? A Facebook account creator bot will be the best choice.

Outstanding Functions of FacebookCreator

  • Create Facebook accounts from various sources (Phone, Gmail, TempMail)
  • Runs with multiple threads
  • Can use rotated proxy to run
  • The software is easy to use
  • Frequently update
  • Save time and cost
Giao diện của tool reg nick Facebook

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A bulk Facebook account creator tool as FacebookCreator will be the best choice for you to create unlimited Facebook accounts . It will address all issues that arisen in creating a large number of Facebook accounts, which will not only save user’s time but also their money. 

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