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Spotify is one of the most popular site for fans of music worldwide. Therefore, owning a large number of Spotify accounts can help you conduct effective marketing strategy on Spotify. In this case, our Spotify Account Creator software can create lots of Spotify accounts at the same time and avoid being banned.


  • Create multiple Spotify accounts from various sources of Emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Runs with multiple threads
  • The software is easy to use
  • Can use rotated proxy to run
  • Frequently update
  • Save time and cost


When you buy SpotifyCreatorPro software, we will provide you with 2 links, consisting of software link and desktop useragent file . Download both files and unzip the SpotifyCreatorPro.rar then run the SpotifyCreatorPro.exe to open the software.

Double click on SpotifyCreatorPro.exe to install the software

Next, you enter the provided license username and password into Login and Password.

Click OK to login.

Nhập tên đăng nhập và mật khẩu để đăng nhập vào phần mềm
Enter the provided license username and password to Log in

Then, you choose one of two ways:

  • Run now: Run the software instantly
  • Schedule: Schedule the application to run at specific time

>>Learn more: How to use Schedule Function.

Có 2 cách để sử dụng tool reg nick Facebook
Select way to run then click OK

This is the interface of Spotify Account Creator

Giao diện của phần mềm Spotify - Spotify Creator


A1. Accounts

This section saves the Email accounts that the software will use to create Spotify accounts.

>> Refer to HOW TO IMPORT DATA to learn how to import data.

Nhấn vào data dưới góc trái phần mềm để nhập dữ liệu

Note: The file which contains Email accounts includes:  Email (Gmail, Yahoo, Gmx, Hotmail, etc.)PasswordRecovery EmailProxy (if any)Port (if any), Proxy Username(if any), Proxy Password (if any). You import data as the Template.

A2. Run

This is the number of times that you want the software to run. You can put number that you want or leave it as the default.

Note: If you put “99999”, the software will run continuously until you stop it manually.

Số lần chạy - Phần mềm tạo tài khoản Spotify

A3. Threads

Threads is the number of tabs that run at the same time. This is the number of accounts will be created  simultaneously.

Each thread will open a separate browser which has different fingering and IP.  Provide number of threads that complies with your computer configuration.

Số tài khoản chạy cùng lúc - Tool reg nick Facebook - Phần mềm Facebook Creator

A4. Folder Cookies

Folder Cookies is a place where the software will store cookies and profiles of the accounts. Software will use cookies and profiles for the next runs without logging back into accounts.

Create a new Cookies folder on any hardware disk that you want to save cookies & profile and get the path to put it into the setting as shown

Dẫn thư mục "cookies" đã tạo vào phần mềm

A5. Proxy Source

You should use proxies to make sure the created accounts will not be banned

>> You can rent safe and cheap proxy from this website

A5.1. From File

At Proxy Source, select From File

Next, at File Proxy section:

  • In case you select Lines From Url, you paste the proxy address link into File proxy section as shown
Dán địa chỉ thuê proxy của bạn vào mục File Proxy - Phần mềm tạo tài khoản Spotify
  • In case you select Lines From File, you create a text file where you put the proxies per lines. Click on   => select the created proxy file.
Chọn proxy từ file - Tool tạo tài khoản Spotify
A5.2. From Data

At Proxy Source, select From Data

The software will use proxies that were imported with Email accounts. Kindly refer to A1. Accounts section to learn how to import data into software.

A5.3. No proxy

At Proxy Source, select No proxy

The software will use the IP of your computer to create Spotify accounts.

Note: If you create too many Spotify accounts on the same IP, your Spotify accounts will be banned.

A6. Useragent

You need to download the useragent file that we send when you purchase the software. Click on  => select the downloaded useragent files .

Dẫn tới file trình duyệt ảo đã tải về - Phần mềm tạo tài khoản Spotify

A7. First Name and Last Name

There are 2 options for you to choose:

  • Select RandomString at Firstname and Lastname, the software will create Spotify account with First Name and Last Name as default. Click on sửa-1.png (22×30) =>@test to see the First Name and Last Name as software’s default as shown
Xem các tên mà phần mềm đã thiết lập - Tool tạo tài khoản Spotify
  • Customize Last Name and First Name: You create a text file which contains names of Spotify accounts that you want the software create. Next, select LinesFromFile at Firstname and Lastname. Then, click on  => select the text file created.
Dẫn tới file lưu tên - Tool tạo tài khoản Spotify

A8. Sleep

Sleep is the range of time among run turns.

Note: Unit is Milliseconds (Ex: 50000 = 50 seconds)

Example: After finishing running one turn of threads, the software will delay in 3-5 seconds before performing the next turn of threads if you set up as shown

Thời gian nghỉ giữa hai luồng chạy - Tool tạo tài khoản Spotify

A9. 2captcha key

First, you create an account on

Next, get the 2captcha key and paste it into the 2captcha key section

Nhập mã Captcha tại website

Finally, you click OK to run the software.


In the Database Manager dialog box, the software will automatically enter Yes in the Registered column with email accounts which had been used to create Spotify accounts

Các tài khoản đã đăng ký Spotify thành công

For exporting these created accounts, you click Convert =>select Export Csv => select the disk that you want to save these accounts => name the file => click Save.

Chọn nhóm tài khoản cần xuất
Select the group of Spotify accounts that you want to export
Chọn ổ đĩa cần lưu
Select the disk to save
Đặt tên và lưu file
Name the file then click Save

Thank you for following this Tutorial, we hope it will be useful for you!

How to use Spotify Account Creator:

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