Google account creator – Create unlimited Google Accounts using Gmail Creator tool

Billions of people are using Gmail on a daily basic worldwide. Therefore, you can use lots of Gmail accounts to run ad campaign in a economical way. That is the reason why many people are looking for methods which can create unlimited Google accounts without being banned by Google. A google account creator tool will be the best approach to owing a large number of Gmail accounts as mentioned.

What is Gmail? What are advantages of Gmail?

Gmail or Google Mail is a free email service introduced by Google. It allows sending and receiving mail over the Internet. You can also send an email to multiple users at the same time. The Gmail page is a Webmail type. You can access Gmail from the Web and as a mobile app.

You can own several Gmail accounts with the same phone number and recovery mails. Also, you can use other related applications such as

  • Google Drive: you can easily share large files on any device
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms: You can create documents, spreadsheets, and report presentations online. They can be auto saved and shared by Google.
  • Google Hangouts: you can chat with many users
  • Google Calendar: you can create meeting schedules, check meeting rooms, etc.

Why do you need a google account creator tool?

Thanks to advantages mentioned above, Gmail is the most popularly used in the world. Therefore, owning a lots of Gmail accounts can help you simulates real users in ad campaign really well. However, it is difficult for users to create bulk Gmail accounts manually because you need to use different IPs as well as OTP sim codes. In this case, using a google account creator tool will help you address all issues in creating Gmail accounts in bulk.

Oustanding Features of GmailCreator 

  • Create bulk Gmail accounts 
  • Support using Dcom or Proxies to change IP
  • Create YouTube channel
  • Autosave cookies and profiles to use on other software
  • Auto Upload avatar
  • Create Google Docs files, Google alerts, Watch YouTube Videos, etc. to gain trust for gmail accounts
  • Integrate with many OTP providers for phone verification
  • Export Gmail accounts to many formats: Txt, csv, etc.
  • Schedule creating bulk mail accounts running by the scheduler tool
  • Import Gmail from other sources to farm in Gmail Creator in order to gain trust for accounts
  • Auto re-verify when accounts are asked for phone verification again.

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