Youtube shorts views bot – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically

YouTube Shorts is one of the most popular sharing short-video platforms worldwide. YouTube Shorts with lots of views, likes, comments, etc. will help you become famous and earn a large amount of money. Our YouTube Shorts Views Bot – QniTubeShorts can increase bulk views, likes, comments, etc. for your YouTube Shorts and add many subscribers to your YouTube Channel automatically.


  • Increase Views for YouTube Shorts by various methods (direct link, channel, Facebook source, etc.)
  • Auto increase Likes for YouTube Shorts in bulk
  • Auto comment on YouTube Shorts in bulk
  • Increase YouTube subscribers automatically
  • Auto dislike YouTube Shorts.


  • Manage unlimited YouTube accounts
  • The software can log in multiple Gmail accounts with different IPs at the same time
  • Support HTTP Proxy or Dcom
  • Frequent update
  • The software is easy to use
  • Save time and cost


When you buy QniTubeShorts software, we will provide you with 3 links, consisting of software link desktop and useragent file links. Download these files and unzip the QniTubeShorts.rar then double click the QniTubeShorts.exe to open the software.

YouTube Shorts Views Bot - Install

Next, you enter the provided license username and password into Login and Password.

Log in YouTube Short View Bot

Click OK to login.

This is the interface of QniTubeShorts – YouTube Shorts Views Bot

YouTube Shorts Views Bot - Interface


These are fields that you need to set up before running any function of our YouTube Shorts Views Tool.

A1. Run

This is the number of times that you want the software to run successfully and then stop automatically. You can leave it as the default.

Note: If you put “99999”, the software will run continuously until you stop it manually.

YouTube Shorts View Bot - Run

A2. Threads

The number of threads is the number of tabs or accounts that run at the same time.

Each thread will open a separate browser that has different fingering and IPs. Provide a number of threads that complies with your computer configuration.

For example, if you set 10 in Threads section, the software will open 10 tabs, login 10 accounts with different IPs to watch your YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Short View Bot - Threads

A3. Time View Main Video

This section saves the range of time that you want the software to watch your YouTube Shorts (Unit is millisecond).

For example, if you enter 120000 – 180000 into this section as photo shown, the software will watch your YouTube short randomly in the range of 120 -180 seconds.

YouTube Shorts Views Bot - time view

A4. Time View Related Video

To simulate human actions, the software will watch a random video before watching your main YouTube Short. It also watches another YouTube Short after watching your main YouTube Short. Time View Related Video is the range of time to watch these videos (unit is millisecond).

YouTube Shorts Views Bot - time view related video

A5. Devices, Useragent (Desktop) & Useragent (Mobile)

After making payment, you will be given two user-agent files (DeskTop and Mobile). Depending on the intended use, you select the corresponding emulator in Devices section.

Then, click on  at Useragent (DeskTop/ Mobile)  => select the corresponding useragent file.

YouTube Shorts Views Bot- Useragent

A6. Proxy Source

To avoid being blocked out of your Gmail accounts when running the software, you should use proxy.

>> You can rent safe and cheap proxy from this website

A6.1. Dcom

At Proxy Source, select Dcom

You need to attach the Dcom to your PC to run the software.

Proxy Dcom - YouTube Short Auto Tool
A6.2. From Data

At Proxy Source, select From Data

The software will use proxies that were imported with Gmail accounts. Kindly refer to section A7. Use Gmail to learn how to import proxy with Gmail accounts into the software.

Proxy Data - YouTube Short Auto Tool

Note: You can use proxy from Data when you run the software with Gmail Accounts only.

A6.3. From File

At Proxy Source, select From File

Next, at File Proxy

  • If you choose Lines From File, you create a text file to enter the proxies one per line. Click on   at File Proxy => select the proxy file created.
File Proxy - YouTube Shorts software

Note:  Proxy format is IP:Port:Username:Password. Leave username and password empty if your proxy doesn’t have username and password (Some proxies work with IP authentication instead of using username and password).

  • If you choose Lines From Url, you paste the proxy address link into File Proxy as shown.
Web proxy url - YouTube Short auto bot
A6.4. No proxy

At Proxy Source, select No proxy if you do not want to use proxy.

The software will use the IP of your PC to run.

No proxy - YouTube Shorts Views Bot

Note: If you run too many Gmail accounts with the same IP address, your Gmail accounts can be disabled by Google.

A7. Use Gmail

A7.1. Use Gmail Accounts or Gmail Cookies

You select Yes at Use Gmail if you want to use Gmail Accounts or Gmail Cookies.

  • In case you want to use Gmail Accounts, create a text file to save Gmail account one per line in format: Gmail, password, recovery email, IP (if any), port (if any), proxy username (if any), proxy password (if any).Then, at Gmail Accounts section, click on  =>select the created Gmail file.
Gmail - YouTube Shorts Views Bot
Gmail Format
Import Gmail Accounts - YouTube Shorts Views Bot
  • In case you want to use Gmail Cookies instead of Gmail Accounts. After renting Gmail Cookies from us, download the Cookies file that we sent you. Next, you select Yes at Rent Gmail? section. Then, click on  at Rented Cookies =>select the downloaded Gmail Cookies file.
Import Gmail Cookies - YouTube Shorts Views Bot

Refer to Rent Gmail Cookies

A7.1. Do not use Gmail Accounts or Gmail Cookies

Select No at  Use Gmail in case you do not want to use Gmail accounts.

Also, you need to set the number of non-gmail profiles at Non-gmail profile section.

Note: You should use Gmail Accounts/ Gmail Cookies for all functions and maintain the increased number of views, subscribers, likes, etc. In case you select No at Gmail Accounts, you can run the increasing views function only.

A8. Folder Cookies & Folder Data

  • Folder Cookies is a place where the software stores cookies and profiles of the accounts. The software will use cookies and profiles for the next runs without logging into accounts again. Create a new Cookies Folder on any hardware disk that you want and get the path to put into the setting as shown.
Cookies Folder - Youtube shorts bot
  • Create a new folder named Data to contain data on any hardware disk that you want and get the path to put into the setting as shown
Data Folder - YouTube Short Bot

A9. Cookies or Profiles

The difference between Profiles and CookiesProfiles save all login information and characteristics of the login device such as Device type, screen size, video card, etc. while Cookies only save the login state. Using Profiles will consume hard drive space, the more you run, the larger capacity of each profile takes, but in return it will increase reliability and reduce the drop of views, subs, and likes. Using Cookies takes almost no space, but is not as reliable as using Profiles. Gmail’s cookies will expire within a month, then if you run with Cookies, you have to delete the cookies folder and let Gmail log in again. If running with Profiles, the login status of Gmail is permanently maintained except Gmail accounts are blocked (Phone verification, Disabled).

When Gmail accounts are logged in successfully, the software will create cookies and profiles for these Gmail accounts and save them in Cookies Folder if you select Yes at Create Profile (A10 section). 


  • In case you use Gmail accounts, you select Profile.
  • In case you use Gmail Cookies, you need to select Cookies in the first run. After all Gmail Cookies are logged in (it often takes a few days, depending on the quantity of Gmail Cookies), you select Profile.

A10. Create Profile

If you want to create Profiles, select Yes, otherwise choose No. This function is used to save profiles of Gmail accounts in order to gain trust from YouTube. Moreover, there is no need to log in again in case using other apps which support profile function.

YouTube Short View bot - Create profile

A11. Key captcha

Our YouTube Shorts Views Bot will decode the captcha automatically. Therefore, you leave Key captcha section as the default.

A12. Random Delay

This is the range of time that the software rest between two actions (unit is millisecond)

YouTube Shorts Views Bot - Random Delay

A13. Human Activities

To gain trust from YouTube, the software will simulate human activities (move the cursor, pause, etc.) during the watching time. Select Yes at Human Activities section if you want to run this function. Otherwise, select No.

YouTube Shorts Views Bot - Human Activities

A14. Skip Ads

If you want the software skip the advertisement when watching the YouTube Short, select Yes at Skip Ads section. Otherwise, select No.

Skip Ads - Youtube Short view bot

A15. Clear Caches

At this section, when the hard disk drive space is fully used, select Yes, the bot will remove caches in the profile, helping to reduce memory space but Gmails are still in login mode. In normal case, you should select No.

Clear Caches - YouTube Short Auto tool


B1. View YouTube Shorts

In general, the software watches the video before it likes, comments, or subscribes YouTube Channel. Therefore, you need to run the views function in case you want to run other functions (like, comment, subs, etc.)

At View Video, select Yes.

Next, at View Method, you select the method that you want to run

B1.1. Direct

With this function, the software will watch your YouTube Short from the link you imported.

At View Method, select Direct

Next, create a text file to save links of YouTube Shorts that you want to increase views. Each link is entered per line.

Then, click on   at List Video => select the created text file of links.

Link of Short - Increase Views for YouTube Short
Link of YouTube Short
Import List of YouTube Short
Import List of YouTube Short

Check the setting in Part A.

Finally, click OK.

Tutorial Video 

B1.2. Channel

When you run Channel View Method, the software will visit the Channel link that you imported and watch videos in that channel randomly.

At View Method, select Channel

Next, create a text file to save video links of channels that you want to run. Each link needs to be entered per line.

Note: the links need to consist of “/video” at the end as the photo shown

Channel Link - YouTube short view bot

Then, click on   at List Video => select the created text file of links.

Channel view method - Youtube short view tool

Check the setting in Part A.

Finally, click OK.

B1.3. Facebook

This function will help you increase views for YouTube Short which is shared on Facebook.

At View Method, select Facebook 

Next, you create a text file to save links of Facebook posts that share YouTube Shorts links => click on   at List Video => select the created text file of links.

****How to take the links of Facebook posts mentioned above?

  • Firstly, share the link of YouTube video on Fanpage (if you have already shared it, skip this step).
Share Short to Facebook - YouTube Short View Bot
  • Secondly, click on the time that you shared the video on Facebook.
Take link of Facebook post - Increase YouTube Short Views
  • Thirdly, copy the link of the post and paste it into the text file created.

Then, you check the setting in Part A.

Finally, click OK.

B1.4  Twitter

This function will help you increase views for YouTube Short which is shared on Twitter.

At View Method, select Twitter

Next, you create a text file to save links of Twitter posts that share links of YouTube Shorts => click on   at List Video => select the created text file of links.

****How to take the links of Twitter posts mentioned above?

  • Firstly, copy links of videos that you want to increase views and post it on Twitter
Post Youtube Shorts on Twitter - Increase Youtube Short View
  • Secondly, click on the time icon on the Twitter post as shown, you can see the link of Twitter source
Click on time icon - YouTube Shorts Views Bot
  • Thirdly, copy the Twitter link to paste it into the created text file.
Copy the Twitter link - YouTube Shorts Views Bot

Then, you check the setting in Part A.

Finally, click OK.

B2. Comment on YouTube Shorts

In case you want the bot to comment on your YouTube Shorts automatically, you select Yes at Will Comment? section. Next, you need to create a text file to save comments per line. Then, click on  at Comment Section => select the file containing the comments.

The software will comment on YouTube Shorts after watching the video, so you need to check the setting in Part A and B1 section.

Finally, click OK.

Tutorial Video 

If you do not want to run the comment function, select No at Will Comment?

B3. Like/ Dislike YouTube Shorts

  • At Like and Dislike sections, select Yes if you want to run the corresponding function.
Tăng dislike cho video Youtube Shorts

Check the setting in Part A and B1 section.

Finally, click OK.

Tutorial Video 

Otherwise, select No.

B4. Subscribe YouTube Channel

In case you do not want to run Subscribe function, select No at Will Sub? section.

If you want the software to subscribe YouTube channel after watching YouTube Shorts, you select Yes at Will Sub? section.

Next, at Daily Limit/ Channel, you enter the number of Subscribers that you want to add per channel.

Check the setting in Part A and B1 section.

Finally, click OK.

You can click on Show Browser to see how the software run.

For more details, kindly contact us at Autobotsoft – Top Marketing Software